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I want to get back to being a craftsman…

and an artist. I still am but haven’t been practicing. I’ve been so caught up in my profession that my foundation is weak. Can’t remember the last time I did some art that didn’t require clicking a mouse or taking my camera out when I wasn’t being paid. Goals for this week. Goals.

Mellow out. Enjoy the weather.

Today was such a good day..

…until that last meeting. I had quite a few WTF moments. I feel like I sprouted 3 new gray hairs from the amount of stress that was transferred to me. Organizing and planning are so key to any project. I refuse to end my night this way. Nope. Don’t think so. #learningexperience 

This was how my day ended.

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Today was a good day!! Presentation this morning went awesome🙌 I’m excited about this admin life #future #education #leadership #dailyattire #me
Breakfast!😍 #thegoods

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